Dart Hay Service Inc
The draught has caused some real problems, not only in the hay industry, but for farmers across the nation.

Ron Tombaugh, of Dart Hay Services reports that his Illinois farm only produced 4 bales of hay off 120 acres for his fourth cutting.

The hay that resulted was of excellent quality, but a month with virtually no rain, and 14 days of 100 or more degress has caused real stress to his hay crop.

Further south in Illinois, conditions are even worse.

The result is a shortage of hay throughout the nation.  Prices are soaring.

Professionals in the business are well aware of the situation.  However, many horse owners are in panic mode.  Some only need a small quantity of small bales, and when contacting their normal sources, are appalled to find that the hay simply isn't available.

There is still hope.  An early warmth in the spring caused some growers to start cutting their hay earlier.  That means, given a few inches of rain in the next month, farmers may be able to get what would be an extra cutting of hay before fall.

Growers like Tombaugh are working hard to supply their regular customers.  Other hay is available on a first come, first served basis.

And, of course, alternative feed is another answer.